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Veraroad is a story of heritage and traditions that influence our present. It tells a romance between two cultures, English and Italian, and how they blend into a harmony of colors. The woman who wears Veraroad holds strong values with deep roots but also has wings to fly through highs and lows, between seasons of the year and of life – adapting with grace.

After 35 years of experience in the industry helping other brands ethically source in Italy, Veraroad was born with a purpose. The lifestyle brand seeks to provide value – value to those who create their products and value to those who purchase them.

Ethical production is central to Veraroad’s mission as evidenced by their use of natural fibers of high quality (100% satin silk of Liberty London) as well as their alliance with small, local factories and labs that respect workers and products.

Currently researching new methods to create with less chemicals, less pollution, and less waste, Veraroad is committed to thoughtful design.

We care about the people with whom we work and we do our best for them to work in a happy environment.


“If you love what you do and believe in a more sustainable way of working, connecting with people and the environment, you give life, joy, and peace to who wears your clothes”.


This is our mission


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