Germano Bellesi

Bespoke men's shoes handmade with passion

Germano makes each pair of shoes to order, so every pair is uniquely made just for you, something that only true Italian Artisan can create.

Germano Bellesi is a small Italian brand of high-quality luxury men’s shoes, entirely handmade in Italy, using the best materials and accessories.

The brand takes the name of its founder, Mr. Germano Bellesi: a 40-year experience in shoe production and trading, sharing his deep knowledge of the footwear industry with his customers. Since 2001 he has been designing and producing his own line of fine men's shoes.

All BELLESI shoes are designed and manufactured following traditional methods to meet the modern man's style needs: we invest a remarkable amount of time and money researching the latest styles, materials, and colors.

Mr. Germano Bellesi personally carries out the selection of raw materials and follows each manufacturing process. This is the only way to guarantee a genuine 100% made in Italy quality.

The brand is internationally acclaimed for style, superior quality, and innovation: the BELLESI shoes are exclusive high-quality shoes for men with a class.

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Bespoke men's shoes handmade in ItalyBespoke men's shoes handmade in italyBespoke men's shoes handmade in Italy