Hi there

Pop Fashion Italy Hunter

My name is Agni, and I live in Italy for many years.

For me, Italy is the most beautiful country in the world.

I love its style, culture, fashion, food, the beauty of places, and the people. Italians are fascinating when they talk about details, like food, dress, design, football, or business.  Italians are very creative people.

I have decided to open POP Fashion Italy to introduce Italian Artisans that maybe are less known globally.

These are the real artists often behind big Fashion Brands.  

They are the subcontractors who anonymously supply their craftwork to the big brands. It is called the "white label."


Through travel, beautiful, inspiring places, I want to present the products and the whole history behind them -their place of origin, people who work behind the scenes, their family histories, immense passion, and persistence to follow the family tradition from father to son.