Shoes for him by Giorgio 1958

Giorgio 1958 - where craftsmanship meets elegance

Artisan craftsmanship, entirely Made in Italy, the superior quality, ability to interpret people’s tastes and excellent value for money.

The Giorgio 1958 story begins several decades ago in a small factory in Italy.  Over time, under the joint leadership of Giorgio Cugnigni, Lino Donnari and Marcello Fratini, the increasingly prestigious brand has become renowned for its dedication to quality, innovation and comfortable footwear.

Blake construction and hand buffing are merely two of the artisan techniques used to create Giorgio 1958 footwear.  The exacting, meticulous craftsmanship required in these complex, time-consuming techniques confers an unmistakable touch of Italian style which perfectly combines elegance, tradition, innovation and comfort.

Several factors have been crucial in determining the success of Giorgio 1958. Firstly, artisan craftsmanship, entirely Made in Italy, the superior quality and meticulous selection of materials, and our painstaking attention at all stages of the manufacturing process. To this can be added ability to interpret people’s tastes and, of course, excellent value for money.

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