Are you a real connoisseur of fashion?

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Are you a real connoisseur of fashion?

Real connoisseurs of fashion would appreciate the best quality

During my past travels, I often found myself traveling to Moscow, along with many Russian tourists on their way back from shopping in Milan. They were on this Sunday evening return flight with plenty of shopping bags covered with logos from the famous Italian brands.

A Russian colleague explained that middle-class Russians go to Turkey to shop while the higher classes go to Milan or Paris. Many of these people would never buy a fashion product without the logo of a famous brand on it. For many of them, the brand name means that the quality is 100% assured. The price also seems to be right.

But there is another group of people, those real connoisseurs of fashion who appreciate the best quality and do not pay attention to whether the product has a well-known logo.

These are the actual quality lovers who merely show off, but care about their comfort and appreciate a product for excellence.

These people do not care about famous brands but care about having an item made out of the highest value of raw materials. They are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces and can appreciate the fact that these creations are real gems.

Many ordinary fashion lovers coming to Milan will go to the famous via Montenapoleone to find the biggest and most recognized brands. Still, only a few will go to the city's lesser-known areas to look for the small boutiques, which are usually on the side streets.

In those areas, one can find unique products created using the best raw materials, the highest craftsmanship, and personal care by small-scale Italian artisans.

But this is pretty high-grade stuff, only for those true fashion connoisseurs.

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