Via dei Lillà

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VIA DEI LILLÀ is a brand of K.E.A. Moda, a young company that has however many years of experience in the textile sector. The brand specializes in clothing, targeting a contemporary woman, attentive to details, and materials and manufacturing quality.

We are a small company that deals with the development of the garment starting from the idea and creating the sample, supported by a team of qualified professionals who have been working in the Made in Italy fashion sector for a long time.

Philosophy and mission

The idea is to rediscover quality Made in Italy, the value of the tradition of a country like Italy where good taste and love for beautiful things have always been rooted. Attention is also paid to the innovation of materials and treatments.

The stylist

The idea was born from the designer and founder, Beatrice Tosi, who learned the art of tailoring in her family. After training as an architect and various work experiences in the fashion industry, she decides to create her brand.


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