Cool VIP Glasses by Glassing from Milan

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The Glassing mood is not only expressed by its collections; the will of Alessandro and Stefano is to catch on and transmit a lifestyle that has been their inspiration from the beginning; having passion and faith in what they do without losing the irony of those who never take themselves too seriously.

Glassing was born in Ibiza, during one fun summer in 2010. Two friends became business partners when Italian natives Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone landed on the island. Inspired by the beauty of the island, its music, and its inherent creative essence, they soon decided to make their mark. A fruitful passion for selling vintage glasses became a branded enterprise, and they soon chose to start production on thousands of their multi-colored sunglasses. These frames were distributed through automatic distributors inside the island’s many clubs, selling throughout the island like hotcakes. In one summer alone, more than 20,000 pairs could be spotted across the beaches and bars, with this much success, it cemented the conception of ‘Glassing’.

From then on, Alessandro and Stefano embraced their new direction and evolved the brand collection after collection. Their success gave them the desire to experiment and create more unique designs, cutting edge shapes and textures, often combined in unusual ways. They believe in the creativity of young designers and champion their courage while trusting in the knowledge of the best Italian factories for their production quality and care.