ME.LAND Ultralight Sneakers Collection

page2image37928384  ME.LAND is much more than simple unisex shoes. From the mix of inspirations, materials and colors emerge a daily behavior - a way to make one’s own route.

The philosophy of this adventure is quite simple: Stay on the tracks? Follow the rules? Why not. Provided that there is no way one can erase his own character - a crucial and subtle balance.

Dior, Hermes, Lanvin, Kenzo... Frederic Robert could have continued working with such prestigious Parisian fashion houses, but he decided to fulfill a dream. His dream. Launching his own collection. It is not an accident that "ME.LAND" are shoes designed for people of today.

The young designer is part of them. He "walks" with desire and passion. He walks a lot, by the way, both literally and figuratively. He draws his inspirations from his extensive professional knowledge and vast experience, numerous travels, and daily life in Montmartre, Paris.

His footwear indeed reflects his character, but like all well-made shoes by experimented artisans, each one of us can, men or ladies, agree with them and find his own with comfort and elegance.

Image by Gilles Crampes