Top class bags by Terrida from Venezia


From the Italian tradition in fashion and the cult of details comes Terrida, the Venetian company that created a creed from handmade.

The history of Terrida began in the seventies when Anna and Sergio Terrida start a craft production of leather goods, dedicated passion, and innovative spirit.

Their children Pierluigi and Monica learned from an early age the secrets of the business, and in 1985 decided to continue and transform the previous activity of their parents, creating different lines of travel articles keeping up with the needs and requirements of the traveler.

From travel bags to suitcases, from sports bags to golf bags, its mission is to devote casual luxury combined with traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to realize a prestigious product.

Products designed and created for people with simple taste but refined at the same time. We could recall the statement of Oscar Wilde, “I have the simplest taste, I am always satisfied with the best,” as the leitmotif of Terrida.

Today Terrida is a brand well known worldwide for its high-quality products, using excellent materials to create a line that can be defined as luxury casual, whose production is MADE IN ITALY.

The passion for golf led Terrida to create a dedicated line for this sport, which has become essential in their production. Every single item is studied both in its capabilities and in its particularity. The bags and golf bags, as well as other articles, are unique in diversity and imagination.

The Lab

Venice, the birthplace of Terrida, is a city of art. We draw on this creative inspiration and cultural passion for creating the most unique and distinctive products.

Our beautiful and quaint town resonates with enormous beauty and sophistication from its historic landscape. Terrida translates this classic elegance into timeless products that bring added value to the iconic MADE IN ITALY ideal.


The TERRIDA collection results from careful production and only the highest quality leather and fittings available in Italy. We have selected the finest leather skins – tanned in the most exceptional and time-honored methods. After skin selection, TERRIDA employs the same patience in the development of each product. It is the long-standing philosophy of TERRIDA to closely watch each step of production, from creation to final approval.
The result: a first quality product constructed and designed to last the test of time