Dress for success

Dress for success

During one of business travels I was having a conversation with a likable man during an industry event. When I explained my business that promotes the importance of the quality of what one wears, my interlocutor laughed and said, “I don’t care about style.” I must add that he was poorly dressed.

When I look at those young Instagrammers who promote male style, I notice that all of them present superbly dressed men: stylish and great looking. With those images, they are getting a lot of followers.

There are countries where people pay more attention to fashion. Or, instead, there are people who care about their style, independent of the country they live in. The general culture of being well-dressed or not caring comes mainly from those countries with fashion.

So, why should you care? Why do politicians, when preparing for their campaign, go on a diet, get a tan, and ask for advice about each detail of their clothing?

You'll never get the second chance to make the first impression, and for sure, you will not make the first impression with your intelligence. The first few seconds "talk" your look. Whether we like it or not, the perception of your boss, your client, or your colleagues have of you is also based on how you look.

Everyone prefers to look at a well-dressed person, rather than someone without style. The way you dress says a lot about your personality, engagement, commitment, and attention to detail as well.  These are characteristics that employers are usually looking for. The way you dress could be the factor that makes the difference in a decision, your boss, your client, or your colleagues make when choosing you over someone else.

Dress for success” to some people might seem like it is just a slogan, but I am convinced that doing so can make a big difference in obtaining what you are striving for.


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