Marisè Eco-Couture from Umbria

Quality, creativity, and sustainability Made in Italy. 

It was 1988 when Giulio and Marisa decided to start a long journey into the world of fashion under the name of Giulmar.
Surrounded by the nature and colors of the Lake Trasimeno Natural Park, they began their first steps by immediately stipulating collaborations with major brands in the world of fashion and textiles.

Inspired by their teachings, Marisè Eco-Couture was born in 2016, a young brand that results from tradition and innovation.

Immersed in Italy's green heart, with Marisè Eco-Couture, we make the dreams of today's women come true every day.

Dynamic, decisive, informed women ... but at the same time elegant, casual, and fashionable. Just like you!

Our style is essential, with simple lines but with a strong character of asymmetries and overlaps. All of our garments are handcrafted respecting natural resources and your skin, thanks to the use of sustainable fibers, which, in addition to having a low environmental impact, enjoy antibacterial, healthy, breathable, hypoallergenic privileges.

With Marisè Perusia, the future of fashion has arrived!