Elegant heels by Marco Cinosi from Abruzzo


Marco Cinosi - women handcrafted shoes for luxury and prestige

The Brand history starts in 1925, when Alfonso Cinosi, just 14 years old, opens his shoemaker's shop. Soon the shop transforms into six employees lab of footwear production - a concept not yet known back then. In 1947 Alfonso was growing in the regional markets and, in the early 60s opens a shop in Chieti.  Although it is only a family business, the activity is growing. 

In 1979 the two sons: Nicola and Ernesto, open a new store in the lower part of Chieti.

In 1999 Marco Cinosi creates a new space dedicated to footwear but using experience, love, and perseverance of family predecessors. 

For three generations, the Cinosi family creates shoes and dresses the feet of many men and women.  Our goal is always excellence, to produce only with the knowledge of the master shoemaker, to create leather shoes with the best Italian quality leather. 

We make our customers happy with handcrafted masterpieces that represent luxury and prestige because we want our clients to feel beautiful and unique.